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Transportation Tech’s ITS Boot Camp is now available at an introductory discount to educators for a limited time!

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Classroom Resources

Informal research has indicated educator interested in expanding curriculum and classroom materials in order to better prepare their students for the future – as cheaply as possible. The versatile (and free) nature of these publications shall allow seamless integration into classrooms and labs in secondary, post-secondary, and graduate level programs with a minimum of friction.

There will be no cost to students and faculty for the use of Transportation Tech Educators classroom programs, as long as they are a “for credit” course.  At full development, we anticipate students and faculty will have access to 18 full lessons, which would cater to a wide range of majors, grade levels, and interests.  These lessons will continue to be developed and the body of knowledge will continue to grow as the professional subscriptions to Transportation Tech increase.

Help us develop the workforce of the future

One of the chief issues facing the ITS/CV industry is a severe lack of visibility, especially in the crowded world of education and employment opportunities.  Considering the lack of any formal program of study for ITS/CV technicians, it has proven very difficult for ITS/CV employers to reach students in related sub-disciplines such as information technology or electrical technology; forcing employers to try and recruit from a very small, often unsuitable pool of applicants.  This has often resulted in heavy employee turnover, errors, lost time, and increased training expenses.

As an aide to this situation, Transportation Tech Educators features streaming educational videos of ITS/CV system aspects and operations, mini-courses from content gleaned from the NY and WY ITS/CV Testbed Projects, interviews, downloadable handouts for teachers and students, and real world examples for class discussion that would look at issues such as engineering ethics and challenges for technology adoption.


Transportation Tech’s ITS Boot Camp is available at an introductory discount and FREE to students studying at accredited institutions for a limited time!

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