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Governor John Kasich Launches DriveOhio Initiative

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by Aaron Mack in Uncategorized
January 24, 2018

With the support of Governor John Kasich, the state of Ohio launched this month its DriveOhio Initiative, and made known its intentions to be at the national forefront of smart transportation deployment.

DriveOhio, housed within the Ohio Department of Transportation, creates a single point of contact to help researchers and manufactures coordinate with state agencies to launch “smart” transportation solutions, like autonomous vehicles and connected roads.

“Just as the Wright Brothers gave birth to flight here in Ohio, we are positioning the state to lead on developing the vehicles, highways and smart transportation technologies of the future,” Kasich said in a speech to industry stakeholders. (Quote courtesy of FutureStructure).

Already underway in Ohio is the construction of cutting-edge smart highways, including a 35-mile stretch of Route 33 that will be equipped with sensors and fiber-optic cable for the purposes of data collection and vehicle-to-vehicle/vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. Recall also that Columbus won USDOT’s Smart City Challenge in 2016. Or, that the state houses the Transportation Research Center—the nation’s largest automotive proving ground—as well as the NHTSA’s Vehicle Research and Test Center. Or the fact that Ohio State University and JobsOhio invested $45 million on a Smart Mobility Advanced Research and Test Center, which will be used to test 21st century vehicle technologies.

In other words, there are big things on the horizon in the Buckeye State.

Speaking from the Detroit Auto Show to key leaders from the auto industry, Kasich also announced a partnership with Honda, and meetings with Subaru, that could skyrocket transportation R&D and attract companies to Ohio’s smart transportation ecosystem. Already the state is seeking proposals for the creation of a statewide technology and data network for transportation applications.

“… We just to have to get our head above everyone else, and make sure foreign companies, such as in Asia, know what Ohio has to offer,” Kasich said.

“The ease of doing business here will matter. But it’s a dogfight with a lot of states that realize the value in all of this.”

Check out the Jobs Ohio webpage to learn more about the state’s transportation investments. Click here for the original story.

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