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Transportation Tech’s ITS Boot Camp is now available for purchase!

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Training On Demand

On-demand learning services for ITS/CV professional training established through input from industry practitioners, experts at the FHWA ITS Joint Program Office, and select members of the National Operations Center of Excellence is what Transportation Tech offers its customers. Capable of deployment on any internet connected platform allows access in classrooms, shops, or in the field.  Training is formatted for direct, effective, technically rich learning via video demonstration, constant knowledge checks, quick guides, procedural checklists, and final exams which entail complex repair issues testing the student’s understanding of the material while building their critical and systemic thinking skill sets.

Accredited Certification

Transportation Tech is partnered with Metropolitan Community College, a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence, to ensure high quality and creditable content.  The success of any online training enterprise hinges on the ability of its graduates to perform competently.  Metropolitan Community College curriculum designers and education experts review and certify training is of a quality and design to help build knowledge and skill within our subscribers.  Upon successful completion this training program, Metropolitan Community College provides accreditation of successful completion via their competency badge program.  The badge earned is registered in the Metropolitan Community College records department and kept as part of an official transcript.

Organizational Flexibility

Transportation Tech also provides extraordinary benefit to firms and agencies which enroll their employees for training.  Utilizing our learning management system, employers can certify their employee’s knowledge, manage and direct their learning progress, and utilize Transportation Tech in conjunction with hands on training directly in the field.  Employers can use this service as a metric to ensure competence within their staff (current or potential), provide evidence of training for insurers, and help establish or retain technical certifications and qualifications for promotion.

Troubleshooting Forum

Transportation Tech’s On-Line Community features expert moderated troubleshooting boards which allows users to post problems and receive help from the community at large, community building ITS/CV forums and online events, and other useful or entertaining discussions pertinent to this field of endeavor.

Equipment Resource

Transportation Tech’s online ITS/CV equipment catalog will be an included service of any Transportation Tech subscription.  Providing users with a searchable resource for all ITS/CV equipment, software, and services, this feature features the ability to write reviews and rank products, pose questions to vendors and allow vendors to respond in turn.  Furthermore, we endeavor to include a comprehensive selection of digitally scanned technical manuals which are available to download by users for quick reference in the field or shop. .    



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