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About ITS and Connected Vehicle Technicians

ITS Technicians are cross-disciplinary technical specialists operating in a continuously evolving environment requiring knowledge of multiple disciplines including Information Technology, Electrical Technology, Traffic Signals Technology, and Traffic Safety.  ITS technicians install, repair, and maintain the roadside and network infrastructure which allow Intelligent Transportation Systems to perform their vital functions.

Connected Vehicle (CV) Technicians are also cross-disciplinary technical specialists operating in an emerging environment requiring knowledge of myriad disciplines including Information Technology, Electrical Technology, Automotive Technology, and Information Assurance.  CV technicians perform repairs and maintenance on ‘connected’ vehicles which transmit information between vehicles and infrastructure.

Training On Demand

On-demand learning services for ITS/CV technician training established through input from industry practitioners, experts at the FHWA ITS Joint Program Office, and select members of the National Operations Center of Excellence is what Transportation Tech offers its customers. Capable of deployment on any internet connected platform allows access in classrooms, shops, or in the field.  Training is formatted for direct, effective, technically rich learning via video demonstration, constant knowledge checks, quick guides, procedural checklists, and final exams which entail complex repair issues testing the student’s understanding of the material while building their critical and systemic thinking skill sets.

Accredited Certification

Transportation Tech is partnered with Metropolitan Community College, a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence, to ensure high quality and creditable content.   Metropolitan Community College curriculum designers and education experts review and certify training is of a quality and design to help build knowledge and skill within our subscribers.

Upon successful completion this training program, Metropolitan Community College provides accreditation of successful completion via their competency badge program.  The badge earned is registered in the Metropolitan Community College records department and kept as part of an official transcript.

Furthermore, via the credential management platform, Badgr, potential employers and supervisors are able to review the materials successfully completed by a badge recipient.




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